Voluntary vs. Involuntary Ego – John S. Paul 2021

Auto Bodywork Involuntary Painting John S. Paul August 2020 Voluntary vs. Involuntary Ego an essay in the form of a letter to Paul Conneally from artist John S Paul As founders of Involuntary Painting you and Millree have started an interactive art movement. This is no small accomplishment, prompting some older followers to pause andContinue reading “Voluntary vs. Involuntary Ego – John S. Paul 2021”

Ideas – Involuntary Painting Budapest

‘Ideas’ Involuntary Painting Paul Conneally Budapest 2020 One man has a triangle One man has a square They might not agree But they’re both aware Of each other’s ideas And that’s good! from IDEAS by Wow Federation 1978/79 feat. Involuntary International founders Millree Hughes and Paul Conneally. LONG LIVE THE INVOLUNTARY INTERNATIONAL! To support ourContinue reading “Ideas – Involuntary Painting Budapest”

John Stipling to show in SUBSTANCE México City

Involuntary Painting, John Stipling, UK We are pleased to announce that John Stipling will be showing in SUBSTANCE the next gallery show from The Involuntary International. To support the show and receive perks from THE INVOLUNTARY INTERNATIONAL click HERE

MOTO – Poverty Porn and The Involuntary International

As we prepare for SUBSTANCE our next exhibition of Involuntary Painting, Sculpture, Music in México City I urge us all to consider what’s happening beyond the image beyond the photograph out in the gallery of the street. We have to be careful to not fall into the trap of venerating a kind of poverty pornContinue reading “MOTO – Poverty Porn and The Involuntary International”


Friends – comrades – It will be hard for any show to be bigger than Involuntary México in Metro Hidalgo.. it’s a beautiful and huge show / project .. a metro station that’s become the biggest public art space in the world.. that’s the ‘work’ in the end not the individual pieces which too areContinue reading “Bath Mat – LONG LIVE THE INVOLUNTARY INTERNATIONAL!”