Speech Bubble – The Return of The Involuntary International

‘Speech Bubble’, Paul Conneally, June 2020
As lockdowns around the world begin to ease The Involuntary International too splutters back into action. We have not been totally still but have been thinking about how the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic affects how and when SUBSTANCE will eventually manifest itself and we assure you that it will.
It’s difficult to say when at the moment but we will inform you as soon as we know. In the meantime we encourage all members and future members of The Involuntary International to actively re-attune to their surroundings and go to work discovering, photographing and posting Involuntary Paintings, Sculptures and Music to The Involuntary International’s suite of Facebook groups – Involuntary Painting, Involuntary Sculpture and Involuntary Music respectively.
We will also be posting images, sounds and information here so keep visiting back.
All that’s best,
Paul Conneally
Millree Hughes
Aldo Flores
and super producer Yaya Flores
June 9th 2020

Published by Little Onion

Cultural Forager, poet, artist, musician. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Conneally

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