MOTO – Poverty Porn and The Involuntary International

As we prepare for SUBSTANCE our next exhibition of Involuntary Painting, Sculpture, Music in México City I urge us all to consider what’s happening beyond the image beyond the photograph out in the gallery of the street. We have to be careful to not fall into the trap of venerating a kind of poverty porn .. beauty of the shit.. shit is shit.. a run down building is just that.. we can become accustomed to the crap that surrounds us including the way that society allows towns and communities to become derelict that life expectancies are actually declining in poor communities .. people – us – can get used to these things .. we attenuate them out of sight out of hearing.. THE INVOLUNTARY INTERNATIONAL says stop and look at the overlooked .. don’t just photograph and certainly don’t sign the photo posted here.. start to think about what you what we might do to change things for the better no not through regeneration of buildings for the already rich the social cleansing model but with and for the communities that already live in that place this place their place..


Published by Little Onion

Cultural Forager, poet, artist, musician.

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